Ride Report - Nov. 4, 2015

On Wednesday, November 4th, 2015, Team Cycle Works led a Dinner Ride to The Frog Tavern in Syracuse, IN.  Matt and Allen were joined by ten good friends on an unseasonably warm night.  As a result of Daylight Savings Time ending just the weekend prior, the ride started at 6:00 pm in near complete darkness.  This meant the group was able to enjoy the last remnants of twilight as they rode south.  

Although there was an unconfirmed report of Craig and Karen Dickison riding a long wheelie down Airport Road on their V-Strom, the group arrived in Syracuse without incident.  We were seated quickly as a result of Matt notifying the proprietors ahead of time.  Our waitress promised the best service in the house and then delivered just that throughout the evening.

Thanks to Matt, All and friends for another great ride and destination choice.  Since the northern Indiana weather will not likely cooperate for another Dinner Ride this year, we look forward to the Spring of 2016.  Until then, keep it under a hundred!

- Team Cycle Works